Today’s smoothie

I try to have a smoothie a day. It helps stop my cravings throughout the day, plus it helps me increase my daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Essentially a smoothie is just a blend of fruits and vegetables, to thicken it up you can use water, juice, milk or yogurt.  

I try and mix up my daily smoothies as not to get bored. However I always like to have either kale or broccoli in each one. There is no specific reason for this, It’s just my preferred ingredient.

My ingredients for today’s smoothie: pear, cucumber, green apple, kiwi, carrot, beetroot and of course one of my favourite ingredients, kale 🙂 

There is no real preparation when I make this smoothie. I just make sure all my ingredients are washed, I also like to cut the ends off my carrots and pull the stalk (if that’s what you call it) off the top of the apple. Once in the blender I just add water and blend away. 

Well that was today’s smoothie, why not try making your own and see what ingredients you like best. 



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