Core workout

So lately i have been feeling like my core workouts are easy and boring, so i thought i would change it up a little. As well as being a Personal Trainer i am also a semi professional Basketball player, and who better to try my new core workout on than my team mates 🙂 . They are all in good shape, with a lot of strength, power and core strength, but after feed back (and the noises and grunts during the workout) they informed me this workout is quite demanding.

For beginners each exercise should be performed for 10 seconds, medium 15 seconds and advanced 20 seconds. There should be little to no rest in between and focus must be on incorporating the core at all times and keeping good form. This means your butt should not be in the air or look like your humping the floor. I find the same side superman really difficult and need to work on this exercise. So why not give it a try and tell me what you found easy and difficult.



Dynamic plank


Plank with arm reach


High plank with arm reaches


Plank with leg lift


Plank with knee to elbow


Plank with superman same side


Ball plank / Kettlebell plank


Ball plank / Kettlebell plank with knee drive


Kettlebell plank knee drive to outside elbow


Kettlebell plank with leg lift holds


Leg lifts


Alternate leg lifts


Full body crunches


To add a little more difficulty why not try a plank on a Bosu ball to help work your stabiliser muscles a little more.




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