Benefits of the Plank

What is a Plank?

The plank is a strength exercise to improve the overall strength in your core.

Benefits of the Plank


As stated above, the plank is a strength training exercise that improves the strength in your core as well as improving strength in various areas. Starting from the head down, the plank helps strengthen the neck, shoulders, biceps, chest, abs, lower back, gluteus, thighs and calf muscles.


As well as physical strength, the Plank requires extreme focus and concentration in order to keep holding the position for a set time. Not only do you have to hold the position, but you have to keep the correct form. If you feel your form is slipping (lower back dipping, butt in the air) then lower yourself slowly to the ground, rest then start again.

Reduce lower back pain

A pleasant “side effect of the plank is the reducing of back pain. The plank strengthens your back muscles, especially those in your upper back. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

“Because the plank exercise requires minimal movement while contracting all layers of the abdominal fascia, it is an excellent way to strengthen the core, which, in turn, helps reduce low-back pain.”

Another great thing this exercise provides is good habit and training for your abs. This will help you daily if you are doing any physical activities or sports as you will automatically initially start tensing your abs before carrying out your activity. This is a great habit to develop as your tense abs provide additional strength and balance in your activity, not only that but also greatly protects you from injury, especially injury to your lower back.

As you can see, the plank provides strength benefits to many muscle groups all at the same time. So there you have it. One simple exercise with multiple benefits.

For a more advanced core workout check out my advance core workout

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