New Training Plan

Afternoon all. I have spent the past 16 weeks following a pretty disciplined routine of 5 meals a day and 4 gym sessions a week. Well it paid off and i put on a 9kg of muscle and feel pretty good. But now Basketball preseason is upon us and i have to change the way i eat and train. I have to up my Carbohydrate intake along with converting my new found muscles and strength into something that will benefit me on a basketball court. Therefore i need convert my now slow muscles into functional and powerful muscles.

This is where my new workout program will come into effect. I plan to carry out this program 2-3 times a week depending on the demands of my preseason training (cardio, cardio, cardio). It will consist of a lot of power moves, and hopefully assist me on the court.

Here is the program i will be repeating 2-3 times a week:

My warm up will be skipping following this routine:

  • 25x two feet
  • 25x alternate feet
  • 25x Left leg
  • 25x Right leg
  • Rest for 30 Secs then repeat

My main session:

  • Barbell/Dumbell hang clean
  • Barbell Calf raises
  • Cable push pull
  • One arm cable raises
  • Barbell/Dumbbell push press
  • Medicine ball standing twist
  • box jump march

Hopefully this will help create some more explosion and power throughout my body.


Thanks for reading,


FearNon Fitness


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