Benefits of a Morning workout

This is a simple way to start burning those extra calories before your day at work. The benefits of working out in the morning are that you  will not only help you burn more calories, but a morning workout also gives you that extra time in the evening to now read that book you haven’t had time to pick up or catch up with old friends, or even go to the cinema with a loved one.

Tips to help you get up and not miss the chance to burn extra calories

Tuck yourself in early: you cannot expect to be ready to go at 5-6-6:30am if you went to bed at midnight or later. Try to get to sleep earlier so that you are rested and able to concentrate on your workout. Try taking a bath to relax the night before, read a book in bed instead of having the tv on.

Set goals: Write your goals down and put them where you can clearly see them so that you see them every night before you sleep. Find a picture of how your ideal body would be like to keep you motivated. Use anything you can that will keep the fire burning and help you to stay motivated.

Appointments: This one really helps me and a few of my friends. I find a class i really like at the gym i.e. Spin and i choose the earliest class which is 6am. That way i have a reason to get up. The other is to have a gym buddy, if you find it hard motivating yourself then maybe you and a good friend can hep motivate each other and achieve your goals together.


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